"This series of fractured tiles wants to pay a tribute to some of the most important architects and designers such as Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Giò Ponti, Patricia Urquiola and Hella Jongerius, who taught us beauty through the concept of “living”, key in my artistic expression".

Graziano Locatelli

Locatelli’s works in a few words

Graziano Locatelli's works can be inscribed in what is often described as new contemporary art.

They are three-dimensional: modern bas-relief inbetween pictures and sculptures. Locatelli defines himself as an assembler. And actually his works are an assembly of aluminium, broken ceramic tiles and cement, in which gashes and fractures are a leitmotiv.

With his artwork Locatelli seems to embrace damage as in a modern Kintsugy, the ancient japanese art of repairing with gold.

In the last few years he has abandoned color in favor of monochromism, which contributed to an even more minimalistic effect than that of his first works.

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